Yes!!!!! Ordered the dress that @taylorswift wore on Sunday to the bridal shower and it has just been shipped!!!! #soexcited #pasteldress

Sometimes I feel like happiness is a choice.


WOOO! #taylorswift #4dayweekend #happyeaster 🐰🍫


I haven’t done a video blog in about 2 years but this was so much fun, I had to.


taylor swift is gonna be one of those wannabe cool moms and text her kids like “Made cookies. LOL! Come downstairs if U want sum…. [78 emojis]”

This one time I went to @taylorswift red tour 5 times in London and had the best time of my life with my beautiful friends (and Taylor and mama Swift obv!) my beautiful friend Holly gave me these as a present at the last show. As if I wasn’t already a crying mess I was when I read that card! <3 #theincredibles #redtour #redtourlondon #memories


Ball’s in your court. If you wanna make an effort, that’s fine.