Taylor commented on my instagram post on Friday morning. I woke up about 5 minutes before my alarm (that NEVER happens). I usually write long, meaningful notes to her, but I didn’t have the time or thought process to do that, so knowing that the one thing we wanted most was for her to finally see our sign/idea from february, I just posted that. Andrea had previously seen it + gave us soundbooth passes because of it, so the only thing left was for Taylor to see it. AND FINALLY, she did. It’s amazing how two words (and three !!!’s) can make your whole day. I couldn’t concentrate properly + I had work 30 minutes after she commented, which didn’t help. I couldn’t straighten my hair, let alone talk about it. Thanks T, You made a girl’s day!



With these two cuties @strikingmatches after their incredible show tonight at the Boderline! #strikingmatches #sarahzimmerman #justindavis #nashville #countrymusic #boderline

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a walk to remember ♡ on We Heart It.

Remember the time I was this close to @taylorswift at the Red Tour 😂😂😂😂 #goodtimes #redtour #frontandcentre

Finally found the Dragon Girl Nars lipstick! That is the hardest lipstick shade to find ever!